topaztook (topaztook) wrote,

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Laundry Sorting

Some of my laundry is supposed to be washed in cold water, some in warm. For the most part, I follow directions. (Hand wash? Ha!)

I sort laundry in conjunction with my toddler, so we do it all at once. And then the loads get done later in the day For a while there, I was having problems remembering which pile of clothes required which temperature, and having to recheck the tags, which was taking too much time when the toddler was escaping to another room to do who knows what.

Then, it occurred to me that those mnemonic devices that help you remember things like names, etc., could come in useful: I had laundry baskets of two different colors. My laundry is now sorted into "white hot" (actually warm, if we are referring to the real washer temperature, but go with me here) and "blue with cold."

Hey, it works for me.

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